Award-winning Holistic skin care inspired by Ayurveda and infused with Reiki energy.

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Experience a Holistic Approach to Skincare

We bring the ancient holistic healing system of Ayurveda to your daily skincare ritual. Every product is hand-crafted with natural and gentle ingredients that reduce inflammation, nourish, and support your skin’s health. Our products work in synergy so you can create a personalized skincare ritual tailored to your skin’s specific needs and concerns–from acne and hyperpigmentation to sensitivity and dullness.

Skincare goes beyond the surface—it begins with our well-being. That’s why we infuse each product with Reiki energy to offer an additional element of wellness. This infusion helps you feel grounded and balanced throughout the day.

Embrace the radiance of your inner glow while feeling uplifted and restored.

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  • Kaia Skin Ayurveda Inspired
  • Kaia Skin Reiki Infused
  • Kaia Skin Cruelty Free
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Turn Your Skincare Into A Ritual

We keep skincare simple with a three-step ritual for you to start and end your days.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Gentle on the skin, Powerful results


I have severe rosacea and dermatitis. This product instantly calms my skin leaving it smooth and hydrated. This oil feels so silky on the skin! I lay the oil down first, then my moisturizer, then I
apply my makeup. This helps give a flawless finish. Once you try this product you will be hooked! As soon as I started using this oil I started getting so many compliments on my skin. I am so happy I found this oil! Thank you so much Kaia Skin for creating a product for sensitive skin. Externally grateful.

~ Erica

 Experience Calming Blue 


This is a beautiful moisturizing oil.

It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves it glowing. I use in the morning. People have remarked that my skin looks younger and much more toned. Since I started Using the saffron brightening face oil which I use at night and the glow facial oil I have seen a significant difference in my face. I've tried so many different products and spent so much money now I finally found something that I like some thing that actually works and I will stick with it. This oil has natural aromatherapy scents That actually makes me look forward to doing my facial routines in the mornings

~ Sabrina

 Experience C-Glow


Like having a spa in your bathroom!

I absolutely love the cleansing balm! I have dry, aging skin and have always struggled with the dryness after I cleanse, no matter what I use. My skin feels moisturized after I use it and clean. The bonus is, I feel like I just went to the spa. The scent, which I’m allergic to perfumes, is so natural and clean, I just love it! After a day running around the town and working out, it’s the best afterglow!

 ~ Darlene Vogel - Actress

Experience Ayurvedic Face Cleansing Balm 

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