Kaia Skin at ICES Long Beach 2022 sharing Ayurveda based face and skin care

Kaia Skin at ICES Long Beach 2022

On August 21st-22nd 2022, I was so excited to represent Kaia Skin at the International Congress of Esthetics and Spas in Long Beach, CA. This is a prestigious event for professionals in the skin care, beauty, and spa industries with over 500 vendors in attendance.

Kaia Skin ICES 2022

Many attendees (and other vendors) expressed how thrilled they were to find Kaia Skin and how unique it is to find products that are Ayurveda-based, and Reiki energy infused.

Kaia Skin cleansing balm demoWe were constantly busy performing demonstrations of the Kaia face care ritual that featured our signature product – Ayurvedic Cardamom and Tulsi Face Cleansing Balm coupled with one of our Hydrating Face Mists and completed with one of our unique face oils. (Calming Blue and Glow were the most popular.)


Most of the attendees were skin care professionals who expressed great interest in incorporating Kaia Skin into the treatments and services they offer their clients. Many other attendees loved the difference the products made to their skin in the demonstration and purchased products for their personal use, consuming our entire stock of our top products. We have received great feedback on the products that are their new favorites in their daily skin care regimen.

Overall, the event was a phenomenal experience and further evolved my desire to provide the best natural skin care products with Kaia Skin.

Kalpana Kaia Skin ICES Long Beach

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