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Ajna- Reiki Infused Third Eye Chakra Essential oil blend

Ajna- Reiki Infused Third Eye Chakra Essential oil blend

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  • Handmade
  • Ships from a small business in New York
  • Ingredients:

Ajna is the 6th primary chakra in the body and is located at the area between the brows. The body parts it rules include eyes, lower part of the brain, head, pineal and pituitary glands. When the third eye chakra is in balance, you are able to tune into and trust your intuition. You see life with clarity, self awareness and emotional balance. 

You trust your inner knowledge and that helps you make balanced decisions When the Third eye chakra is imbalanced , it affects the neurons of the brain with problems like: *eye problems *Headache *Migraine *Insomnia *Endocrine imbalance This Oil is infused with Reiki energy ,Amethyst crystals and essential oils and helps with healing. This Roller blend promotes meditation. The rollerball is an amethyst ball, so when you apply it to the third eye (the area between the brows), it stimulates healing. Apply this on the Ajna Chakra, use in meditation for spiritual protection, can also be applied to the inside of the writs , back of the neck , applied to the palms and inhaled. Sandalwood Oil helps realign mind, body and spirit. Grapefruit essential oil is very cleansing to the aura and mental body and helps release confusion and mental chatter Frankincense has properties that are said to help promote feelings of relaxation, peace and overall wellness.


Lavender Oil, Frankincense Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Sandalwood Oil.
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