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Benefits of Plant Based Retinol

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There’s one skincare ingredient that’s causing a lot of buzz right now: Retinol. And, For good reason.

Retinol (or Retinoids to be precise) is widely regarded as one of the most effective topical treatments available. Largely due to its abilities to reduce fine lines & wrinkles, treat acne, reduce pigmentation, clear pores, and reveal brighter skin. Also, it can increase cell turnover and stimulate collagen & elastin production.

Although the myriad of benefits is compelling to start using Retinol in your skincare, you must know some things about it.

Typically, Retinol is a chemical derived from Vitamin A that can cause irritation and redness if applied in too heavy a concentration. It’s recommended to gently introduce your skin to Retinol so as to allow It to acclimatize and not have adverse reactions. It can increase inflammation, dryness & sensitivity in already delicate skin. There are several variations of intensity with Retinol based products, and research & caution are mandatory to ensure you don’t overdo it.

If you suffer from psoriasis, eczema or rosacea, Retinol should be avoided as it is too harsh for skin that requires more gentle care.

Thankfully, there is a plant-based Retinol alternative that provides all the benefits of Retinol without the risks: Bakuchiol.

Bakuchiol is derived from the leaves & seeds of the Babchi plant, which has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine and healing. Studies have shown that Bakuchiol has the same benefits as Retinol with the major difference being that using Bakuchiol has no known side effects as opposed to Retinol. (Of course, one should always test any skincare product to ensure it complements the skin.)

Bakuchiol helps even skin tone by penetrating deeply into the skin, helping with hyperpigmentation or dark spots. Studies show that it helps with collagen production, elasticity and helps firm the skin. Bakuchiol is not photosensitive so it can safely be used in the daytime. It is known to treat and prevent skin breakouts and is safe to use under eyes to prevent fine lines and to lighten dark circles.

Bakuchiol is not known to negatively interact with other skincare ingredients. Due to its natural composition, it’s safe to use with other products in your skincare regimen.



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