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At Kaia Skin, we're honored to have been featured in a variety of renowned magazines and media outlets that recognize our commitment to clean, natural, and holistic skincare. Our founder's innovative approach, combining Ayurvedic botanicals and Reiki-infused energy, has captured the attention of wellness enthusiasts and beauty experts alike.

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Ayurvedic Top Five

Over the last few years, the concepts of natural and organic have been steadily increasing in all aspects of life – especially in the arena of skincare. One topic in particular that is really gaining popularity is Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of healthcare and healing that dates back more than 6,000 years. The name Ayurveda actually means “knowledge of life” or “longevity.”

In Ayurveda, skin type is based on the body composition – known as doshas – which allows skincare to be customized for maximum effectiveness by matching the ingredients to the dosha.

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Inspired Magazine

Kalpana Semple's, founder of Kaia Skin, feature in Insirped Magazine. She discusses her goal in creating Kaia Skin, which was to provide customers with skincare products products that are pure, clean, and uncomplicated.

She also dicusses her road to founding a skincare brand. "It all sounds pretty straightforward," she said. "But it takes practice and a lot of trial and testing to make an excellent product to sell."

"I would love to bring in more context of living that Ayurvedic lifestyle and educate my customers that there is so much more to it than applying products on your face."

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Parade's 15 best night creams for mature skin

Named Best Night Cream for Slugging

These hydrating products can lead to early morning radiance. Kaia Skin's Blue Tansy Balm was named the best cream for skin slugging. A technique that creates a protective barrier on your skin using an occlusive layer, like Kaia Skin Calming Blue Tansy Face Balm, to seal in moisture and enhance the benefits of your nighttime skincare routine.

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other notable features:

18 Best Hair Growth Oils For Thicker And Healthier Hair, According To Doctors

Hair oiling isn't just a vanity project or self-care routine—it's a standard weekly or bi-weekly ritual in Ayurveda, a centuries-old Hindu system of medicine. It's lightweight and doesn't have a strong scent, so I recommend the hibiscus, fenugreek, and cumin-infused oil to my friends with sensitive scalps.

If you're spiritual, you'll love that all her products are infused with Reiki energy.

Nourish Your Hair
kaia skin c glow sea buckthorn oil
The Cut's Best Gift Ideas Under $50

Kaia Skin's C-Glow Sea Buckthron Face Oil: Sea Buckthorn is emerging as a must-have ingredient in your skin-care routine — and Ayurvedic brands have already mastered it. This lightweight oil helps boost radiance, strengthen the skin barrier, and improve skin tone.

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CleanBeautyAward's Clean Beauty Brands in the USA You Should Try

Kaia Skin is a holistic skincare company inspired by the ancient science & rituals of Ayurveda, infused with healing Reiki energy, and comprised of wholesome organic ingredients with no artificial, synthetic, or chemical additives. Their mission is to share awareness of how aligning skincare products & rituals with the body’s core energy type greatly enhances the overall benefits. Kaia Skin lovingly handcrafts their nourishing, rejuvenating products in small batches in Queens, NY.

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Why I Love Waterless Face Masks

How often do you find that a premixed mask goes bad or dries out before you even get to the bottom of the jar? Do you ever wish that you had control over the consistency of the face mask?

Have you wondered how unnecessary preservatives have to be added to premixed and already activated masks in order to prevent them from spoiling when they come in contact with air?

Powder masks can be customized to your exact needs. You have control over the texture, the additives and the activator So why would we want a control over that?

Featured in Organic Spa Magazine

Dosha-Driven Beauty

Ayuveda and Generational Kitchen Wisdom Along with Reiki Energy infuse the Dynamic Kaia Skin Line.

Kalpana Semple, CEO and founder of Kaia Skin. a New York-based Ayurvedic beauty - line, tound a passion for holistic skincare at her mother's side in her own kitchen.

"Our customers may not have gone into such depth yet or know their Ayurvedic type," says Semple. "But everyone knows what their skin type is and our product
line with its simplicity and its basis in this ancient art is easy to understand and to source."

Along with the Dosha principles of Ayurveda, Semple found Reiki at a critical period in her life and became a Reiki master incorporating its principles of energy and intent into her daily life and her products.

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