Kansa Gua Sha

Introducing our Kansa Gua Sha - crafted from the ancient principles of Ayurveda, the Kansa Gua Sha stands as a holistic marvel. Kansa, hailed as the healing metal of India, boasts proven therapeutic properties. Comprising bronze - an alloy of Copper and Tin - it embodies antimicrobial excellence. Explore the unique benefits that make Kansa Gua Sha an essential part of your self-care ritual.

Stimulates Circulation: Glide effortlessly to reveal your unique radiance, embracing the ancient art of boosting blood flow.

Lymphatic Drainage: Bid farewell to puffiness as the Kansa wand supports your skin's detox journey, revealing a revitalized, sculpted look effortlessly.

Tension Relief: The smooth surface delivers a soothing massage, releasing facial tension for moments of relaxation and refreshment.

Natural Contouring: Effortlessly sculpt your features for a lifted, youthful appearance, allowing your natural beauty to shine with every gentle glide.

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Helps Lymphatic Drainage

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Helps Reduce Inflammation

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