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How To Care for your Skin Before, During and After Your Flight

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While travel is one of life’s most sublime experiences, it can be inherently stressful with all the planning, coordination, anticipation, and flight duration. It’s said that without enjoyment of the journey, the destination doesn’t matter. Arriving at your destination with your skin vibrant & glowing will contribute to kicking off your trip with the energy you want and allow you to immediately enjoy your destination without having to do damage control to your precious skin.

The primary issue for your skin is the aircraft environment itself. Airplanes have substantially lower humidity levels with recirculated air and high altitudes. Plus, you’re immobile for an extended period which can impact your circulation. All of which contribute to drying out your skin and causing puffiness.


Before your flight

Your skin care ritual is your best defense pre-flight (and on a regular basis.) The Kaia Skin ritual with our Ayurvedic Cleansing Balm, Hydrate Toner and your preferred Face Oil will greatly contribute to cleansing, nourishing & moisturizing your skin, and providing a protective barrier before you board.

The rest of your body will benefit from some pre-flight TLC also. A full-body oil massage, known as Abhyanga in Ayurveda, stimulates blood flow and will help seal the body from the chill dry air that is recirculated during the flight. Kaia Skin Vata Body Oil is recommended. Apply the oil to all over your body and massage it in with circular motions to ensure full absorption.

What you put in your body is also crucial. Avoid alcohol & caffeine before you fly and ensure you drink plenty of water to optimally hydrate your body.


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During your flight

Every few hours, repeat the application of Hydrate Toner and Face Oil to offset the effects of the dry environment.

Continue to drink plenty of water and avoid consuming the salty snacks and prepared foods. As often as you are able to, get out of your seat and move around to stretch your legs and help improve your body’s circulation to stave off puffiness. Avoid or minimize consumption of alcohol & caffeine to further enhance your body’s hydration.


After your flight

As soon as possible after landing, perform your full skin-care ritual with particular emphasis on the cleansing to remove any build up from the aircraft environment. Follow up again with your Hydrate & Face Oil to nourish and lock in the essential moisture. 

A hot shower always feels good after a long-haul flight. If you must shower, prepare your skin by applying your Body Oil then take a lukewarm shower to ensure you don’t strip away any of your skin’s precious moisture.


During your stay

Enjoying the ambiance & cuisine is an essential part of the experience in your chosen location. Be judicious – enjoy but don’t go overboard. Don’t overindulge on things that will have some detriment to your skin. Ensure that you get plenty of rest & quality sleep so that you’re fully able to enjoy your stay without incurring any unnecessary stress.


With awareness of the impacts of flying, a little pre-planning, and Kaia Skin, you can ensure your skin contributes to a memorable trip and a pleasant return home.


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