Hydrosols - What are they and why they must be in your skin care ritual Kaia Skin

Hydrosols - What are they and why they must be in your skin care ritual

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Hydrosols have been a hot topic in the skincare world for a while now primarily due to their wonderful properties and versatile use in your skincare routines & rituals.

Hydrate Hydrosol Toner - Spritz Face

What exactly is a Hydrosol?
Simply, it is an aromatic water that has therapeutic properties. Typically, they are a byproduct of the steam distillation process of flowers, leaves and fruits. Specifically, the water left over from the distillation process that creates essential oils. On the surface, this sounds like hydrosols are simply distilled water that has been mixed with essential oil yet there’s so much more to it.
Yes, the hydrosol does contain small quantities of the resulting essential oil. They have the added benefit of containing the organic components from the plant that was distilled. Initially, this was considered a waste product, until the myriad of benefits & properties was recognized.
Why you want to use a Hydrosol

Proper hydration is one of the most significant benefits of using Hydrosols. Daily use tones & hydrates the skin, balances the pH and conveys the benefits of the therapeutic compounds from the source plant.
Face oils & serums are wonderful & essential elements in your skincare ritual albeit they’re only half of the equation. Proper hydration is derived from the combination of oil & water and incorporating a hydrosol into your daily ritual will totally transform your skincare ritual effectiveness.
How to use a Hydrosol
Ideally, you will integrate a Hydrosol into your daily ritual by pairing it with your favorite face oil or serum. This helps revitalize the skin's natural protective barrier and also serves as an antioxidant, toner & moisturizer when combined.
After you have completed the necessary cleansing of your skin, apply your Hydrosol toner followed by your choice of face oil.
This ritual is most effective when performed both in the morning and at night.

Of course, Hydrosol use is not just limited to your ritual. You can use throughout the day as you choose to give your skin a lift. Additionally, you can use your Hydrosol as the liquid element when mixing clay masks and re-mist while the mask is on to re-activate the clay.

How to choose a Hydrosol

As Hydrosols are produced during steam distillation of flowers, leaves & fruits, they will inherit the healing & therapeutic elements of those entities. Thus, unless you have an allergy to a specific variety, you can choose the Hydrosol that embraces the healing properties that you desire.

Kaia Skin has 3 varieties of Hydrosols in their Hydrate Toner collection. Each of which are enhanced with an infusion of Reiki energy for additional therapeutic benefits.

  • Rose Tulsi
  • Lavender Chamomile
  • Jasmine Neroli

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