Kansa Face Lift Wand

The Kaia Skin Kansa Wand is a simple & powerful skincare tool to incorporate into your skincare ritual.

It’s a handheld wooden tool with a rounded tip comprised of copper and tin, which has profound benefits in Ayurveda. The benefits of the Kansa metal include the balancing of pH levels, the purification of toxins, and, of course, the improvement of the skin. It works its magic by making contact with the marma points around the face, which are the energy centers that help determine our internal balance.

This leads to greater stress release and lymphatic detox - which in turn will result in a more rested complexion, a lifted, firmer skin appearance, and reduced inflammations.

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erica Vermin
The best tool ever!!

I absolutely LOVE the Kansa Face Lift Wand! I have dermatitis and rosacea so this helps make my skin feel cool and less puffy. It also feels amazing! It’s like giving yourself a facial. I like using the Kaia Blue oil first then massaging it into the skin before my makeup. I Use this twice a day. At night I use it with the Kaia Blue Balm. It’s a little thicker so I use it at night to give my skin extra hydration. I live in the desert so it’s important to stay hydrated. You NEED to buy this! It’s a game changer!

Not like other face massagers!

I'm a beauty junkie and have tried all the tools. I have jade rollers, gua sha, and use them on and off. I've never tried anything like this Kansa wand before.
To start, the metal is nice and cooling. It's so refreshing in the mornings, especially with puffiness.
Then, the actual wand itself is so easy to use. It's intuitive. Even though I received instructions on how to use it, the wand fits so well around your face that you just know.
I was reassured that the Kansa metal is antimicrobial, so I could use it even with acne breakouts. Something I couldn't do with my jade roller.
I noticed after a few weeks of using it that I actually had tension knots in my jaw! Massaging them daily with the wand has helped work through them.
Every morning I look forward to my Calming Blue and Kansa wand ritual. There's no better way to start the day!

Kim Benvegna
Kansa Face Lift Wand

I highly recommend adding this wand to your skincare toolkit.It serves a great pick me up if used during the morning routine and is also relaxing when used at night. Either way, it's like a mini facial massage and feels so great. Overtime, and together with the Kaia skincare products, my skin is visibly smoother and softer, my under eye puffiness is reduced, and my face feels more relaxed overall.

Magic wand

I absolutely love the Kansa wand, it makes my face calm and the cooling effect makes it therapeutic. So glad I purchased the C-glow Sea Buckthorn face oil too. It works wonders on my dry skin and I like that it absorbs quickly in my skin.

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