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Why I love waterless face masks

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How often do you find that a premixed mask goes bad or dries out before you even get to the bottom of the jar? Do you ever wish that you had control over the consistency of the face mask?


Have you wondered how unnecessary preservatives have to be added to premixed and already activated masks in order to prevent them from spoiling when they come in contact with air?


Powdered face masks were used centuries ago in India, based on Ayurvedic skin care practices. As per Ayurveda, face mask is a blend of flowers, herbs and roots that are activated with an applicator and additives, that is used for cleansing and nourishing the skin. A perfect example of this kind of mix is Kaia Skin’s Saundarya Ubtan mix.


With people looking at Ayurveda for their skin care, the importance of powdered face masks is becoming prevalent. 


Powder masks are made up of dry components and typically including some form of a clay base. When we say that the mask is Waterless, it means that there are no preservatives, fillers or unnecessary additives in the ingredient list. 


In comparison, Powder face masks are made using dry ingredients that are activated by mixing them with water, herbal distillates or hydrosol, milk, etc. As a result the powder can stay stable for longer and needs significantly fewer preservatives, making it a safer alternative for the skin. having a longer shelf life that  gives you more bang for your buck. 


Powder masks can be customized to your exact needs. You have control over the texture, the additives and the activator So why would we want a control over that?


Kaia Skin Waterless Face Masks


We may wake up with a dry skin but as the day progresses, we may find our skin feeling oily. So if the skin changes, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can change the mask according to how our skin is feeling in that moment? 


How can powdered face masks bring in the feeling of skin care ritual as opposed to a quick fix?


So picture rushing and taking some mask out of a jar or a tube and applying it quickly on the skin and continuing to doing other tasks while the mask dries. It matches the tradition of multitasking that we have adopted.


Now picture putting time aside to relax,  slow down, sit and check what your skin needs on that day. Planning what activator you would like, what additives you would like. Putting the powdered mask in a bowl adding the liquid ingredients, taking in the beautiful fragrance of the herbal distillates, luxurious oils, honey, yogurt etc. Mixing the paste and slowly applying it. What a difference right?


If you are looking for ready Ayurvedic based powdered face masks, check out Kaia Skin’s Rejuvenate Amla Tulsi detoxifying face mask and Rejuvenate Fennel and Rose calming face mask.


So let’s sum up the benefits of using waterless or powdered face masks 

  • Powered Face Masks have a longer shelf life because of the absence of preservatives and unnecessary additives which make it important to use up the mask quickly once opened 
  • Powdered face masks have gentle exfoliating property owing to the fact that the base ingredient is usually clays .
  • Great for all skin types because they can be customized . The activators and additives used can be based on how the skin is feeling on that day.
  • Powdered face masks give the feel of a skin care ritual rather than a quick task therefore allowing you to take a pause to relax and breathe. 

For more information on Kaia Skin waterless face masks, and additional products for your facial care regimen, please see our Face Collection.


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